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Newsmixer and Facebook Connect December 21, 2008

Posted by Michael Kowalski in whatever.
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This is an interesting spin on news commenting:  http://newsmixer.us/
Users can comment and ask questions on individual paragraphs of a story in quite a simple way.

It’s also my first real world encounter with Facebook Connect . Here’s what I had to do to “register”:


The one-clickness (OK, technically “two-clickness”) is very cute. No choosing passwords, waiting around for emails, or any of that. Though it does also feel kind of terrifying.

You can see that Connect would be very appealing for some kinds of lightweight apps, where you need users to register but you’re not too concerned about security, eg. almost any UGC scenario. On those grounds I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes ubiquitous over the coming year. That’s assuming the implementation barrier is low—haven’t tried it myself yet.

Newsmixer seem to be using Connect mostly just to solve the reg problem; you can imagine they could also use to try and address the poor signal-to-noise ratio you tend to get in news commenting, by letting you filter out comments that aren’t from your friends (or at least, push them down in the mix). [Actually, you might be able to block users if you click through to their profile—but I haven’t been able to get a profile page to load]



1. Michael Kowalski - December 22, 2008

Update: this makes it look as if integrating Facebook Connect is pretty trivial:

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