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YUI 3.x preview release 2 is out and looking granular December 10, 2008

Posted by Michael Kowalski in coding.
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The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library.

This release gives us the first real look at the widget infrastructure for the new YUI codeline. There are only a couple of fairly simple widgets here, but it looks very promising so far. 

I really appreciate the level of granularity here. With the 2.x codeline, time and again I’ve found myself either overriding “private” methods or abandoning the YUI implementation of a specific widget altogether because it’s too difficult to make it do exactly what I want. I’ve also been unhappy about carrying around a lot of unnecessary code for functionality I’m not using.

With the 3.x codeline it does look like these problems will be resolved. Even as basic a widget as “Overlay” is composed from functional modules. Nice! I’m hoping this approach plays through fully in the more complex widgets like the Rich Text Editor and DataTable; imo this will be critical. 

 YUI 3 is beginning to look like it will really be the business for those of us who are using YUI as the basis for full fledged web applications (though probably overkill if you just want to add some menus to your site). The downside is that it is clearly many months even from beta; this release is some weeks later than expected, and those complex widgets will no doubt take some time to nail.



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