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The police murdered De Menezes, pure and simple December 3, 2008

Posted by Michael Kowalski in whatever.

Disappointed, if not too surprised, to see that the London Met have yet again escaped censure over the murder of De Menezes. 

One aspect of this case that hasn’t been mentioned much in the media is that the police would have behaved wrongly even if he was actually a terrorist. The police do not have licence to shoot criminals down like rabid dogs, irrespective of the severity of their crime. Yet De Menezes was shot simply because the police mistook him for a terrorist. They had no reason to think that he was carrying a bomb or even armed.

It seems clear the police understand this themselves, hence the lies they told at the time, which were widely reported here over the following days: that he was wearing a bulky jacket (he wasn’t), that he vaulted the turnstile (he didn’t), that he behaved suspiciously (nope). It was a revenge killing for the July 7 bus bombings, and even if he hadn’t turned out to be wholly innocent, it still would have been wrong.



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