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The truth was never out there after all August 17, 2008

Posted by Michael Kowalski in film.

Just caught the X-Files movie. No real reason other than nostalgia and nothing else to do.

It’s lower budget than I expected, much like the early TV series: one of the serial killer episodes rather than one of the alien/mutant ones. Just as well, as I lost track of the big story arc a long time ago.

Billy Connolly does a turn as a psychic paedophile priest, but that’s it for strange phenomenon. It could be a downbeat, rather grim, slightly boring cop movie, something along the lines of Se7en. The mysticism is gone, the Catholicism cranked up. Not everybody gets saved, nothing much is resolved. 

Well, one thing is resolved: the sexual tension. Mulder and Scully, both looking weary and middle aged, have been living and sleeping together for the last ten years. Still not agreeing on everything, but you know, muddling by. 

The really weird thing: they didn’t even play the theme tune.



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