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The Misanthropic Principle July 2, 2008

Posted by Michael Kowalski in science.

I’ve just invented the Misanthropic Principle, a ground-breaking new concept in cosmology. It states:

The reason that the laws of physics are inimical to life, is because there is no life in the universe.

A simple observation, but it explains so much!

Now, I know there will be a few pedants who will argue that the there is in fact some life in the universe. But really there isn’t, at least not to any reasonable level of approximation. Think about the volume of our solar system, and what percentage of it is biomass. It’s not just vanishingly small – it’s utterly negligible.

The situation gets worse over time. The universe is expanding; in fact it appears that the rate at which it is expanding is increasing. At some point it will be so attenuated that a single hydrogen molecule will occupy a space the volume of the current visible universe. Entropy will mean there’s no spare energy to go around for things like life. Then, assuming the universe is infinite in duration—and we have no reason to think otherwise—it will go on like that indefinitely. Empty and dead. 

So while it’s a fair approximation to say there is no life in the universe now, it will become increasingly true as time passes, and the current early hot period becomes a smaller and smaller fraction of a percent of the total lifespan of the universe.

Nobel committee – you know where to find me.



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